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An elegant and perfectly-sized coin purse for the discerning magician! Its unique and important specs are noted below.

  • The entire mouth is made of pure brass
  • Cortex for the first layer of leather
  • Its softness and shape are just right
  • Lined with leather
  • Soft material inside (so that coins and shells will not “talk”)
  • A dollar or a half-dollar shell set can be loaded

When you take out this coin purse, it will be making a statement about your professionalism.

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Weight 0.065 lbs
Dimensions 4.625 × 3.625 × 0.25 in

1 review for Basic Coin Purse by TCC

  1. MagicBendy (verified owner)

    This is a nice coin purse. The leather is a nice ‘medium’ between soft & supple and a bit stiff. Feels like it has a sturdy design. The brushed brass frame/clasp is a bit more elegant than a lot of purses and not only adds elegance, but seems to be stronger and less likely to bend out of shape than the frames on some other purses. When it arrived, I thought it was going to be too small to fit my silver dollar shell set; but it wasn’t. It fits four silver dollars and a quality crafted shell almost perfectly; though if you have larger fingers, the fit is snug and you may find it takes slightly more effort to remove the coins than it does with larger purses or the ones with internal clasps. The snug fit does seem to keep your coins (and shell, if you use one), from moving/talking and that probably helps protect them, as well. Time will tell how durable it is, or if the interior causes any tarnishing, (I carry shiny coins most of the time); as I have had some purses that do unevenly tarnish the coins that touch the walls of those purses. So we shall see how this one dos. The exterior is smooth leather and the interior is a rougher, (but softer), more suede-type leather. The only thing missing from this one is the little ring/loop off of the frame on one side, (that the Ton Onosaka purses all had); as I prefer to attach my coin purses to a pocket watch chain to keep them safe and add an extra bit of mystique when introducing the coins for performance. I have more than one set of coins, and even though I have them all in the Onosaka purses, (no longer made), I still plan on ordering another one of these, for sure.

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