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A performer picks up a card from a deck which is facing down. He turns the card and you find it is a birthday card that says “Happy Birthday”. You look closely at the card, and notice that there is only a fork and a plate but no cake. The performer flips the card down, then up again, a birthday cake is there on a plate.


This is a gaff card for birthday occasions, made from the inventor’s imagination to make it easy to “express one’s feelings to a person in front” by magic. Just as he desired, it requires no complex technique so a person who just started practicing card magic can perform this easily. The design of the card is more like a regular birthday card seen in any store than a magic product, which allows this magic to be performed very casually. Needless to say, a high quality is ensured even for the professional use. This certainly is a tool for everyone from beginner to professional. Find your own way to perform and tell your feelings on a special person’s birthday with Birthday Surprise.


This product includes an original 3D gaff card and basic instructional notes only. A Bicycle Rider back is required for a demonstration.

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