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Cardinals EUCHRE Playing Cards: Popular in many parts of the world, especially the American Midwest, Euchre is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people – two teams of two.

The Cardinals EUCHRE Deck features hand drawn Cardinals imagery throughout the design and includes two full Euchre decks inside one tuck box (Green and Blue).

It’s printed by Legends Playing Card Co., with their Taiwan printer, and utilizes their exceptional classic finish.

The back cards for the Cardinals EUCHRE Deck each feature a symmetrical illustration of a pair of male and female Cardinals, one set against the green forest-like background and a second version is set against a blue sky-like background.

The Ace of Spades are highlighted by the pair of Cardinals.

The Face cards are extremely playable, and the hand drawn backgrounds are subtly added to the PIPs and to the outfits of the standard Courts.

The tuck box features a green forest-like background and a beautiful composition of the Cardinals couple.

It’s printed in 4-color process on a premium matte stock and has clear UV spot ink overlay in strategic areas of the design. Also included are two rules cards and four custom score cards. You just need a dime as your points marker. No need for boring fives as makeshift Score Cards in the Cardinals EUCHRE Deck!

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