Free Prediction by Nader Medhat video (Download)


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Very powerful effect!

Four envelopes are on a table, numbered 1 through 4 – each a different color. Three spectators are told that one of the four envelopes contains $100. Whoever selects the envelope containing $100 gets to keep the money! All three spectators freely select an envelope. These are opened, only to find torn up bits of paper inside. The magician opens the remaining envelope, showing a $100 bill inside. BUT THIS IS NOT ALL! Written on the back side of the bill are the numbers chosen in the exact order selected by the spectators! AND, each number is written in a different color, matching those of the selected envelopes! Seems IMPOSSIBLE!!

Can do it close-up or on stage — so easy to do. Fools a lot of magicians! You can make the gimmicks at home.

— No pre-show work
— No Swami gimmick
— No special inks


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