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Without a doubt, this is Dani DaOrtiz’s most representative book. And now it is available for the first time in English. Its first edition, published in Spanish in 2009, surprised all card magic lovers, due to Dani’s philosophy that “Everything happens from the point of view of the audience” (as we have heard the author say so many times).

This is a book that perfectly describes Dani’s concepts, which many magicians have used to improve their perception of psychological forcing.

Through almost 180 pages of information, Dani undresses artistically and mentally, offering all his psychological weapons and placing them within everyone’s reach.

\tStrategies, subtleties, psychological techniques…
\tForce numbers, cards (without using a deck), situations, decisions…
\tStudy on classical (psychological) forcing
\tThe psychology of the seventh card
\tWorking with small groups
\tVerbal and numerical forces
\tMagician’s Choice
\tDeception by visual perception
\tDealing with mistakes and outs
\tFishing and subtleties
\tTricks right out of Dani’s repertoire

Think of a number…

Force numbers, cards, colors, choices.
\tGet into the spectator’s brain and handle it as you please.
\tDani will not only teach you how, but he will offer you an arsenal of techniques and tricks so that you can rehearse it.
\tSpectators will, without knowing it, be freely forced.

Welcome to Dani’s world!

Be Part of the Exclusive Seminar
This offer is only for the people who pre-order the book. In December, Dani will host a special seminar which goes beyond the contents of the book.

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