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The odd’s of winning the lottery is 14,000,000 to 1 but against all odds you beat the system. GUARANTEED JACKPOT is the final word for a lottery prediction magic effect. Leave nothing to chance.. this routine can be performed quickly or slowly depending on your revelation choice and performance style and it’s ALWAYS 100% ACCURATE!

Everyone dreams to win the lottery and with Mark Elsdon’s latest effect you lead the spectator through a wonderful experience and then leave them with a memorable souvenir.

Comes with gimmicks, wallet and specially printed marked number deck.


The spectator shuffles a regular number deck and after a thorough mix a letter ticket is presented from inside the supplied red lottery holder and placed face-down on the table.

The shuffled cards are dealt into 6 piles like the numbers being filtered down through the lottery machine. The top 6 random cards are put aside and the numbers one at a time are shown to MATCH THE LOTTERY TICKET EXACTLY!

You then proceed to hand out the lottery ticket as a souvenir.

  • No Sleight Of Hand
  • Automatic Handling
  • Includes Special Number Deck
  • Easy Reset

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