Kinghood Black Pearl Card Magic Collection Boxset


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Multilayered Papercuts Gift Box Structure

The inside of the lid of the box is filled with illustrations composing of three layers of laser-carved Cardboards. The triple-layer structure makes the picture of the palace realistic and incredible.

3D Embossing Tuck Box with Rainbow Printing Effect

The tuck box of the Black Pearl Edition was made with the same embossing technique as the classic edition, with the addition of the rainbow foil printing effect, parts of the knight and sword shine with a dazzling pearly sheen.

Dual-sided Rainbow Foil Printing Playing Cards

In order to achieve the perfect rainbow foil printing effect, we tested a variety of high-end playing card stock. Finally, we decided on the Italian playing card stock for mass production. Dual-sided rainbow foil printing provides a luxurious metallic look on both sides of the playing cards. The cards will shine with bright metallic luster at different angles.

Features of Black Pearl Boxset

  • Laser-carved multilayered papercuts gift box structure
  • Each boxset contains 2 decks of cards: Black Pearl/White Pearl
  • 3D embossing tuck box with rainbow printing effect
  • Dual-sided rainbow foil printing playing cards
  • Pure hand-painted illustration, took over 100 days to complete
  • Limited to 1000 worldwide with number seal

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 8.0 × 2.2 in


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