Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #1, DVD


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–Blaine Watch–

The Ashes on the Palm trick was used by David Blaine on his Street Magic Special. Tom Mullica teaches a wonderful version of this in this DVD.

Effects included:

– Perpetual Balls
– The Cookie Mystery
– Waters of India
– Stretching a Hank
– Ring, Rope, & Pin
– The Bouncing Fruit
– The Spirit Hand
– Ashes Thru Hand
– Karrel Fox’s Napkin Vanish
– Calendar Caper
– Wrigley Feel
– A sweet prediction
– Broken & Restored Match
– The Book Test
– Pencil Thru Bill
– Ultra Sensory Perception
– One-Handed Knot (without releasing the ends)
– Silk Thru Arm

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