Nine by Alex Le Fanu and Luca Volpe


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In this book Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have taken a very underused concept in mentalism and re-engineered it in order to create amazing mentalism routines that you can perform anywhere and anytime!

Discover how to guess a spectator’s pin number without asking to write anything down. Guess a thought-of object. Perform an incredible A.C.A.A.N. Learn The Invisible Force.

All the routines are audience tested and can be performed for close up and stage.

Format: Book, softcover 73 pages

NOTE: When you purchase the book send an email to: [email protected] to be added to the “NINE” Facebook Group, where you will find more tips and ideas and to share your thoughts directly with Alex.

Routines included:
– De-Code
– Psychomatrix
– Psychostage
– The Invisible Force
– En-Code
– The thought of card of the good actor
– The Gambler’s A.C.A.A.N.
– iSwami (by Michael Murray)
– Total Recall (by Michael Murray)

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