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Background: The first person to incorporate this principle in Magic was Gilbert Ramond – through Georges Proust (Academy de Magie), Paris France in 2002.  We sold it exclusively initially and in mass. The product was called Predicta. I still have some of those original tickers that I use on special occasions. Andy Martin who has labored to created without a doubt the largest visual catalog of effects has it featured on his website:

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The predecessor for this item (Predicta – Gilbert Raimond – Georges Proust – Acadamie de Magie), is the most powerful effect I have ever performed. I had people literally following me outside venues believing I could predict lottery numbers. It was the only time in my life, where I became of the true power the art can have in persuasion.Mark Stevens 

Stevens Magic Review: Scratch – Secret Tannery initially concerned us. First, I feared this may be another person (willfully or by ignorance), that was taking credit for the mechanics as if it was their invention. Kudos to Gerard Kearney for giving credit to Gilbert Raimond at the very beginning of the instructional video. The other concern was about the quality of the props. Some previous copies of this effect featured poor quality cards/tickets. On this type of gimmick, you simply cannot skimp on quality. These card/tickets must be made from heavy stock. I don’t want to give away the method, but there are 3 essential factors that are a must with respect to the cards/tickets. If any one of those three is sub-standard you have a house or cards. I’m happy to state they are top-notch and rugged enough to easily stand strong through the processing and storage. The wallet is also premium quality. Gerard has crafted a practical and perfect medium to allow you to perform the covert requirements under the cover of the wallet.

This item gets Stevens Magic’s highest endorsement. Even better it has been updated. The price isn’t cheap but truthfully for an effect like this it shouldn’t be. Magic this powerful should come at some premium. Make no mistake this is a reputation maker.

Effect: Two thought of numbers are predicted on a scratch off card, from within a wallet. A truly mind-blowing routine. Scratch comes with twenty gimmicked tickets and a gimmicked soft leather wallet, and access to online instructions. Scratch is easy to perform. No Palming or forcing makes allows you to concentrate on your performance. Even better its practically an instant reset. Since there is no force, the results can be different with each performance. While it could work perfectly for table-hopping, it’s not an effect you want to do at every table. However, when you need something that really blows minds. When you have played the room and know what table is giving you the best reactions – consider Scratched your “ace in the hole.” It’s simply to you powerful not to be in your repertoire.

The video instructional features creative and well thought out variations on performances and routines. You get everything you need to perform a miracle. The saddest thing about this effect, people will end up buying new products that don’t come close to the value and power of this just because of the novelty of them being new.

DOWNLOAD BONUS: Purchase from Stevens Magic and we will include a FREE practice sheet that came with the original Predicta. The practice sheet will quickly burn this easy method into you brain. Another great thing about this effect is even if you haven’t performed it for several months or even years – you can pick it up and perform it without ANY refresher. Once you learn the methodology, (and the practice sheet will get you there by the 3rd row) – your GOLDEN.  Or as they say – it’s like riding a bike.

IMPORTANT: This PDF can be downloaded by viewing your e-mail confirmation after you have paid.  You will see the PDF there where you can download it.  By the time Scratch Arrives if you study the value added for about 10 minutes, you’ll know how the most important aspect works.

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