The Magic Of Nefesch V1, 2 DVD Set by Nefesch and Titanas


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A Unique Magic Collection and some amazing material previously unreleased until now…

Once there was magic. Then Nefesch came. And REAL magic arrived. The hottest magic release of 2008 is finally available and the most astonishing secrets of Nefesch and Titanas two of the most innovative and creative minds of the magic community have been revealed.

Learn how to cry blood how to put a signed coin into an ice cube or into an egg or how to use the power of your mind to open a soda can from distance or to move a car (yes a real vrooom vrooom car!)or the most incredible visual astonishing signed card to sealed bottle ever seen!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Prepare yourself to be thrilled by the live performance clips of Nefesch because it’s how your spectators will be later thrilled by you.


Hatching: Signed coin to egg

Glastion: A Signed card to borrowed sealed glass bottle.

Coinetration: Signed coin through glass with beverage.

Sweet Card: A sweet revelation on a glass.

Balooned: Cellphone to signed ballon.

CAPture: Ring to baseball cap.

Crispes: Signed card to chips bag.

Plus bonuses, subleties, inspirations, and more…

Total Running Time Approximately 3hr 16min

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