The Magical Mystery Show! Springboard Magic


Licensed and approved by Jonathan Todd – CEO of!  From his Magical Mystery Show’s!


Includes Private Live Zoom Training with Professional Magician!
The Magical Mystery Show! is taking the magic world by storm!  HOTEL MAGIC LLC produces the, “Best Magic on the Planet at the Finest Resorts in the World,” and their roster boasts the top Parlor Performers in magic.  NOW EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH SME you can get the tricks and the TRAINING for a super low introductory price VANISH Magazine has a full Special Edition coming out just about this show and Stevens Magic Emporium is promoting contests to find even more of the World’s Best Magicians.  More coming soon on that!  For now read all about your trainers and The Magical Mystery Show! at
In this kit you will get ZOOM training and the props and tricks you need to:
  • Make anything small vanish-appear – or both!
  • Prove your mind can move objects and you have the power of telekinesis!
  • Perform a coin levitation that will fry their minds!  A Kennedy half-dollar lies on top of a playing card, and slowly starts to animate until it is standing up on the card, at this time you give it a flick as everyone see’s the coin spinning on top of the card defying gravity and logic.
  • Penetrate currency, paper even clothing and then magically heal the hole!
  • Shuffle a deck, have the spectator pick any card and make their card rise up out of the deck!
  • And other incredible magical mysteries inside this springboard magic kit!

Best part?  Everything fits in your pockets and is virtually self working.  YOU RECEIVE: our bespoke collection of the best tricks that are easy to do PLUS an introductory Zoom or phone session (your choice) with a professional, certified, resident magician from The Magical Mystery Show roster!  Zoom session is 20 minutes and is agreed on after your set arrives.  Code for meeting is in the box!  AND – If you want more classes with your teacher you can opt for more private instruction with 20% off courtesy of SME!

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