Torn Too by Daniel Garcia


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From the mind of Daniel Garcia comes a torn and restored card routine that will make you smile.

“You’ve got a great smile.” — Daniel Garcia

A card is selected and signed.

You explain: Your “secret” is a small “CRIMP” you put in the card so you can find it.

You demonstrate: Your “CRIMP” is actually a hilariously large chunk that you tear off of the corner of their signed card.

You explain: This “CRIMP” allows you to cut to their selection “just by feeling for the missing part”.

You confess: There’s one small problem with your method… sometimes a spectator with “a highly trained eye” will notice the extra piece. With this, you pick up the torn chunk of card from the table and place it on top of the spectator’s signed card.

You give the deck a couple of tiny shakes to position the CHUNK into place. As you wipe your thumb over the tear, the card is VISUALLY restored.

Immediately hand your spectator their signed card. It’s COMPLETELY RESTORED.

Now take a moment to relax and enjoy and bathe in love. You’re completely re-set for the next table.

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