Yu Hojin Manipulation Cards PRO 2016, White by Yu Hojin


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Manipulation cards are no longer disposable, make yours last!

100% handmade!

Yu Hojin’s masterpiece itself, the manipulation cards he uses for his famous FISM Act!

YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards PRO has different features from the original YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards.

For the last few years, Yu Hojin has put lots of efforts into YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards PRO to make it more innovative. In terms of difficult issues he had experienced using other manipulation cards, he has improved and innovated with his new Yu Hojin Manipulation Cards Pro!


– Durability. The cards cannot be ripped.
– The cards keep their own shape, even if they are bent or palmed for a while.
– Elasticity. The cards never lose the elasticity.
– If the cards get dirty from using them for a long time, you can wash them with water.
– The original black art design can be used in many different ways. This allows you to show the back of the cards very naturally.
– They are waterproof, humidity and rain will not affect your shows or practice. Also, it makes it so much easier to apply fanning powder.
– YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards PRO are thinner than any other manipulation cards, which makes it easier for you to do any techniques. Despite the thinness, the cards are very elastic, and durable.
– They are 100% handmade by experts using special materials, which took years to discover.

Regular YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards PRO includes: 52 cards, an instruction card, and a QR code card.

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