Sales Policies

Terms Applied During Limited Time Sales and Flash Sales on Global

    • Items must be paid for before the sales deadline date, to qualify for special prices. If these products are placed in your cart and show the special discounted sale prices, if you do not complete your order and payment, before the expiration date of the sale, those prices will automatically revert to the correct retail prices (assuming they do not sale out). Equally important do not add sales items to your “wish list.” We suggest you make a payment as quickly as possible, becuase the other concern is if you place items in your cart but do not pay for them, those items are NOT secured for you.  They remain in your cart, provided there is still inventory available for that item when you finally check out.  Often times, because of these great prices customers that do not check out immediately risk loosing certain items they have in their cart because when the finally do initiate payment, they discover some of those items that were in their cart had sold out in between the time they added those items to your cart and made payment.  That means for example, lets say you have 10 items in your cart – all sales items. You wait a few days or even a few hours, and when you go to make your payment you realize that 3 of the 10 items you wanted unfortunately have sold out before you could make payment.  Only buy making a payment (completing your order) will items (if they are still available) be secured for you.
    • Defective items received during limited time sales.  It is the sole responsibility of Stevens Magic Global to provide a refund for a defective sale priced item, not replace it. While we will always do all we can to make the customer happy in the case of limited availability items, limited time-frame sales or both, we are not required to provide a replacement for a defective item.
    • All Sale Orders or Flash Sale Orders MUST be made on our website, by the customer. Sorry, we cannot accept phone, fax, e-mail or mail orders during sales. There are over 1,000 SKU’s and the chances of error dramatically increase when orders are provided any other way other than by the customer on the website. Additionally, we are exceptionally busy and even if we could take orders over the phone, inventory is real time and by the time we take your order over the phone or get to the chance to do the data entry many items you wanted may be sold out, or mistakes can be made with respect to color, size, and other variations.
    • Do not make the mistake of equating your total dollar spent on your order with respect to the shipping costs. When you are getting products at up to 80% off retail price, a $40 order (can equate to a $200 normal order of products).  As such in most cases it requires a larger box (or boxes) which has both a combined weight and dimensions substantially larger which cost more to ship.  Remember it’s the price you are saving money on, the product still weighs the same and has the same dimensions.
    • Additional Shipping MAY be required on some orders. As we are selling these products below our costs, some larger items or larger orders may require additional shipping costs.  We are willing to lose margin on products but cannot also subsidize shipping costs as well. If your order is one that does require additional shipping we will notify you post-purchase with the required amounts. In the event you are unwilling to pay the additional shipping Stevens Magic will refund you in full for your payment already submitted and cancel the order.
    • Stevens Magic Global reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
    • Due to the fact that these items are marked well below our costs, no merchandise credits, gift certificates or additional discounts (on any kinds, including but not limited to promotional discount codes or frustration coupons) are applicable.  Additionally, if an item for any reason is omitted we will provide a refund for said item, instead of shipping the item.  This is the procedure for both domestic and international orders.
    • As these are clearance items all sales finals – no returns.
    • Please Note Other conditions and restrictions may apply.

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