Why Two Websites

Stevens Magic Emporium, now has a sister company!  As the word “sister” implies, is autonomous.  Stevens Magic started forty years ago, on a path to be unique and different, by focusing primarily on exclusive and semi-exclusive products, while striving towards a good understanding of the technical aspects of these effects. The market has changed dramatically, one way is the incredible increase in range and variety of products. Many of our customers have asked us to widen our offerings, and so that is exactly the purpose of

Due to the unique nature of our flagship site and the products we carry, logistics and other reasons, we have for now, decided to highlight these additional products, on a completely different site. In addition a great majority of these products will be shipped from the west coast.  For these reasons, while both companies are owned by Stevens Magic Emporium, they are shipped from two different locations, and that is why we are unable to combine orders from the two different sites.

The upside is now you can purchase thousands of products from the same company that you know and trust. Additionally, we are excited to develop new customers as well, so if this is the first time you are ordering, we look forward to the opportunity of earning your trust.

So, whether you purchase from, or you will find amazing products and deals you will love.

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We appreciate your patience as we move forward in this new venture with this new website and learn the best way possible to operate. From all us at Stevens Magic, thanks for your support.
Mark and Joe Stevens


Some of our Best Sellers

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